This is the first Photo i have not edited the only thing i have done is add the word “Windmill…”


Rose in the Garden

Yesterday (Friday the 18th of November) my photography class and I went out to Greenough for the day. My Photography teacher set us a goal to take 300 photos by the end of the day I had taken 248 photos so he was very proud of me. The place we spent the day at, was out on a farm with sheep everywhere and old rusted windmills and old barnyards and the view everywhere was just so amazing!!! I really wanted to go back there but found out that we will no longer be having a photography class at school so this is the last photography outing :(. Apart from that the day was sooo much fun!!!

Deserted Bottle

Brides Hair.

Bride’s Hair

Bride & Flower Girl

Flower Girl

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